4 Steps for a Successful Spring Renewal

March 29, 2016 Team AHAVA

The Perfect Time to Renew Your Skin

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Hello spring! Among all the changes that come with this season, it’s often hard to remember to focus on yourself, and prioritize what it is that you might need to change, to allow your inner beauty to blossom like a flower.

Spring is the time of renewal; everything changes. The icy cold winds pass on and the frozen plant buds blossom into beautiful spectacles of nature.  The tradition of spring cleaning, throwing out old or unnecessary items,  makes room for new space, new thoughts, and new ideas.

Here’s our big idea and a guiding belief: We believe that your beauty comes from within; it’s not dictated by the beauty industry or Hollywood. You can glow naturally from the inside out.

As the air becomes hotter, more humid, and filled with allergens, the products we used during the winter no longer work as effectively to nourish and protect our skin! This is because our skin reacts differently as new elements are exposed to it- the air becomes moist, the sun becomes intense, and heavy winter moisturizers just aren’t necessary. Often a change in our skincare routine is just what we need to say goodbye to winter, and say hello to fresh, dewy spring skin!


Your  4-Step Spring Skincare Renewal

Ahava Step by Step Spring

Step 1: It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring clean your products and your pores by updating your cleansing routine! Since the air contains more moisture during the spring months, your skin naturally does too, making it more susceptible to bacteria and dirt exposure. Try using a cleanser that will lock in moisture, but will also keep your face unclogged and clear from breakouts. Our Refreshing Cleansing Gel is perfect to add to your spring collection, leaving oily skin feeling fresh, purified, and conditioned. Wash your face in the AM and PM for optimal results.

Step 2: Moisturize

During the cold winter months, you probably needed a thicker moisturizer with extra hydration due to the dry, bitter air. In the spring, your moisturizer shouldn’t be as heavy!  Start fresh with a moisturizer that works to hydrate and protect your skin, but also one that won’t get cakey and oily when you sweat in the warmer weather. If you wear makeup, it also is important to find a moisturizer that will keep everything in place all day long. For day time, try our Essential Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15. This light textured formula is quickly absorbed into your skin and also provides daily UV protection. After cleansing, apply a small amount to your entire face and neck.

For night time, try our Night Replenisher cream for normal to dry skin. This product is perfect for the spring, containing almond oil, hyaluronic acid and amino acid to lock in your skin’s natural moisture and replenish your skin all night.

Step 3: Diminish Dark Circles and Fine Lines

Spring is the perfect time to open your eyes to new opportunities! Freshen up your eyes from those pesky dark circles and puffiness.   To give your eyes a spring boost of radiance, youthful feel, and to reduce wrinkles, try Extreme Firming Eye Cream daily and nightly to the area surrounding your eyes. Powered by the Extreme™ Complex, and containing red algae extract, it envelops the skin with a smoothing active shield improving your skin's elasticity and providing a glowing youthful and lifted appearance. In an independent study conducted by a research institute, 92% of women saw an improvement in their skin’s radiance after just 4 weeks!

AHAVA Pro Tip: From our beauty expert Idit Gandelman - In addition to using the Extreme Firming eye cream on your eyes, try a little on your lips as well! You should do this because “the eyes and the lips have a lot of things in common. They are both very delicate, are used a lot during the day, and react to the environment that they are put in. Since the Extreme eye cream has anti-aging ingredients, you should use it on both on the eyes and the lips to hydrate and keep them soft.”

Step 4: Go Glow!

The final addition to your beauty routine to guarantee a successful spring renewal is AHAVA’s Age Control Brightening and Renewal Serum, the ultimate key to a glowing complexion. This product contains a VF BrighteningTM Accelerator Complex to promote a brighter, smoother complexion, all while inhibiting the production of dark spots. Apply two drops on your face and neck nightly before moisturizing to wake up fresh and revitalized.

elemental beauty

It doesn’t take much effort to switch up your beauty routine, but the smallest change can reap the biggest benefits for your skin. Have any other favorite AHAVA products or beauty routines that are perfect for the changing weather? Let us know what works for you!



Refreshing Cleansing Gel


Essential Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15

Extreme Firming Eye Cream


Age Control Brightening and Renewal Serum


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