Dear Mrs. AHA!: On Night Time Skincare

April 12, 2016 Team AHAVA

Dear Ms. Aha! Beauty at Night Edition: Day vs. Night Skincare– Does It Really Matter? How does sleep impact my skin?                                                          

Q: Do skincare products that claim they’re for nighttime or overnight actually work? – Molly H., Potomac, MD


Dear Molly,


Sounds like you are understandably among the millions of women who worry about the impact of lack of sleep on skin appearance.

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and although we may not realize it, this time spent in our bed is such an essential part of our skincare routine, and your skin's essential rejuvenation.

Dead Sea Waters in Evening Sun

One recent study has shown that your skin is more receptive to beauty products while we sleep, due to the difference in the way our body repairs itself overnight. While we’re awake and running around all day, our body spends most of its time working to keep our energy levels high, lacking the ability to repair and recover.  That's why nighttime is the perfect time for our skin -while our bodies are shut down and more susceptible to soaking up nutrients. Ultimately, it is during this time that beauty products are the most beneficial.  

As our sleeping habits have changed over the years (we have lost 2 hours of sleep since the 60's), more and more research has been necessary to understand the effects that sleep has on the skin.

One report by Charabot, concluded that the less time you spend sleeping, the more negatively your skin will be affected. Symptoms of sleep deprivation include dry skin, dark circles and under eye bags, loss of elasticity, premature wrinkle development, and patchy skin.

But how do we make sure to get enough sleep each night? It has become harder than ever to get a good night's sleep. From reading in dim light, to wearing contact lenses, applying /taking off eye makeup, and staring at screens all day, it seems there are increasingly more factors working against us, than for us, in the struggle to maintain a balanced life.

Interestingly, in Asia, they use the term “golden time” to refer to the first 3 hours of sleep- between the hours of 11 PM and 2 AM. This is the time when our skin switches on its natural repair mechanisms and cellular regeneration reaches its peak. Thus, when we spend time staying up late worrying or working, we lose our key hours of rejuvenation.

The key to a good night's sleep is to stick to a nighttime routine. The good news is that many products today are made with a better night’s sleep in mind. By employing the right beauty products at the best time for your body to use them to the fullest (ahem, right before bed), you can work towards calming your mind, skin, and body to induce slumber, all while attaining a glowing, even complexion and warding off signs of stress.

Minerals Work While You Sleep

Try some products that are made with cellular rejuvenation in mind, such as AHAVA’s Age Control Even Tone Sleeping Cream. This cream works while you sleep, diminishing fine lines and imperfections for a smoother, brighter skin tone. In a study completed by an independent research institution, 98% of users experienced a significant reduction in wrinkle depth within 28 days of night time use.

For even better results, try pairing this with AHAVA’s Time to Smooth Renewal Serum. Both products contain natural fruit extracts and are rich in Vitamin C, which are essential for youthful, rested skin.

Another ideal skincare product for nighttime is AHAVA’s EXTREME Night Treatment. This caressing night serum of resilient botanical extracts soothes, as it’s absorbed and strengthens skin’s natural protective mechanisms. It contains ingredients from extreme locations in the Himalayans and the Dead Sea, which combine perfectly to form the perfect solution to a variety of skincare ailments. To rejuvenate tired-looking eyes, try the Brightening and Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream, to tackle those pesky dark circles, and puffiness.

AHAVA Extreme Night Treatment

By the way, I also recommend this Ted Talk, by Arianna Huffington, on how better sleep can change your life, decision-making, and happiness.

By taking advantage of the night to perfect your skin, you can prevent skin damage and signs of aging while using your body’s natural renewal process.

Have a good night - sweet dreams!

Stay radiant,

Ms. Aha!



Age Control Even Tone Sleeping Cream


Time to Smooth Renewal Serum


Extreme Night Treatment

Brightening and Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream


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