Dear Mrs. Aha!: On the Best Time to Moisturize, Sensitive Skin, and More

March 28, 2016 Team AHAVA

Dear Mrs. Aha!: On the Best Time to Moisturize, Sensitive Skin and More.

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Your natural beauty, skincare concerns and questions, are our key priority at AHA! Magazine, and we’ll answer whatever’s on your mind – or whatever you’re facing.

Whether it’s how to diminish fine lines or calm sensitive skin, readers like you have sent us their real, and most-pressing questions via social media.  No matter the concern, we’re here to help answer those questions and ensure that you are always putting your best “skin” and elemental beauty, forward.



Q: I have sensitive skin and can be prone to eczema outbreaks. What are the best products for me that won’t irritate my skin or make my symptoms worse? –Kelsey, S., Scottsdale, AZ


Mrs. Aha!:

Dear Kelsey,

If you find—like many other women—that your skin is prone to redness, inflammation, or stinging from certain ingredients, then you most likely have sensitive skin. This alone, puts your skin at risk every time you search for beauty products.

Regarding eczema and sensitive skin, it’s sometimes not just products that are a poor match, it can also be changes in weather that can create dryness and add to the sensitivity of your skin. With these factors in mind, it’s essential to use products that are irritant-free, fragrance-free and will also keep your skin optimally moisturized. Always look for a product with clear labeling that it is made for sensitive skin.

Since you suffer particularly from eczema, I would recommend that you try AHAVA’s Comforting Cream. This soothing cream will not only reduce your skin’s redness, but will also provide you with complete, long-lasting relief from your worst flare-ups. It works by lessening the skin's reaction to aggressors by fortifying skin's natural barrier, with active ingredients which include mineral-rich Dead Sea mud (scientifically proven to soothe skin), and lycopene (from tomato extract) – working as an anti-inflammatory for your skin.

Another tip: Pay attention to your make-up remover, and ensure that it doesn’t contain alcohol as its main ingredient. Alcohol is something that actually removes the top layer of your skin, making it super-sensitive and prone to eczema flare-ups. Try AHAVA’s All-in-One Toning Cleanser, a 3-in-1 cleanser, eye makeup remover and toner for gentle and effective cleansing.  By avoiding harsh ingredients and staying properly moisturized, you can be sure that your sensitive skin will be soothed.

Stay radiant,

Mrs. Aha!



Q: When’s the best time to put apply face lotion? Am I too late to apply when my skin feels dry and tight? –Andrea, S., Boston, MA

Ahava Eye Cream Treatment

Mrs. Aha!:

Dear Andrea,

While you may be inclined to apply moisturizer on dry skin at any time of the day, there is actually an optimal time you should be moisturizing to achieve the best results!  

If you leave skin bare for too long, it will start to dehydrate as the dry air pulls moisture out of your skin. At this point, it’s tough to play catch-up with the hydration levels of your skin. For this reason, the best time to apply a face lotion or moisturizer is morning and night, right after cleansing/toning or just after you jump out of the shower—while skin is still damp. By doing so, you will trap in moisture and ensure that skin stays hydrated all day and night long.

If you find that you put in on a little too late, apply a heavier moisturizer, but consider keeping some with you throughout the day in case you encounter a dry patch or two. Once you settle into a routine that ensures maximum hydration, you shouldn’t need to reapply.

Stay radiant,

Mrs. Aha!



Q: What are the best ways to handle combination skin? –Suzanne, S., Azerbaijan


Mrs. Aha!:

Dear Suzanne,

I understand that worries that come from having both oily and dry at the same time. In warm weather, your ultra-hydrating moisturizer creates an oil bomb on your skin, and in the winter months a light cream just won’t cut the flakiness.

It’s quite the conundrum, but not impossible to cure; you’ll want to find products that are geared towards combination skin, and maybe even switch up your skincare routine as each season passes.

I personally have combination skin and I can tell you that I use a lightweight lotion for the summer and a heavy moisturizer for the winter—a worthwhile investment. You can also look for products with no harsh ingredients, especially no acid, to keep your skin’s pH balance in check. The key is to not use products that go to any extreme, since your skin needs stability to stay radiant. Look for balancing ingredients such as AHAVA’s exclusive OsmoterTM—it’s perfect for combination skin. By using the Dead Sea OsmoterTM Eye Concentrate and Face Serum Concentrate, it will even out skin tone and keep skin hydrated (but not oily) and clear.

Stay radiant,

Mrs. Aha!


AHAVA’s Comforting Cream

AHAVA’s All-in-One Toning Cleanser

Dead Sea OsmoterTM Eye Concentrate

Face Serum Concentrate


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