No-Fail Beauty Tips for 5 Hot Travel Destinations

February 8, 2017 Team AHAVA

When the temperatures drop into the subzero range and it's harder than ever to make that icy slog to the office, it's high time to hop on a plane and escape to a fabulous winter vacation destination.

One thing that can put a damper on your hard-earned getaway? The set of beauty challenges that arise when you travel from one climate to another. Environmental factors like temperature, humidity, air pollution levels and tap water quality can have a huge effect on hair and skin health and can cause beauty hiccups like breakouts and dull, frizzy locks.

Luckily, choosing the right products to pack in your suitcase can work wonders and help you look photo-ready for your envy-inspiring travel Instagrams.

1. The Beach Vacation: Tulum, Mexico

Even if the must-have accessory you hope to sport on your beach vacation is a glowing tan, failing to protect your skin on a sun-soaked getaway is a huge beauty no-no.

If you're heading to Tulum -- the Mexican destination that's all the rage for hipsters and models -- take a cue from the savvy runway stars who frequent the spot by slathering on a healthy layer of SPF-enriched moisturizer before you head outside. Our Essential Moisturizing Lotion, which pairs an antioxidant-rich punch of botanical nutrients with SPF 15 coverage, is a perfect choice for your beach bag.

2. The Desert Vacation: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel, a sophisticated urban mecca situated between the desert and the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is the perfect combo of beach and urban vacation. On this trip, you can experience first-hand the magical powers of Dead Sea beauty. However, if you explore the desert, you're likely to find that the high temperatures and dry air make your skin dry and flaky. Thankfully, you can use natural elements from the desert itself to resolve this problem. Our Precious Desert Oil uses oils from Desert Date Trees and jojoba plants to rehydrate your dry skin.

3. The City Vacation: Bogotá, Colombia 

Gorgeous architecture and a burgeoning food scene put Bogotá, Colombia, on the map as a must-visit tourist destination for 2017. The one pitfall? The South American city has a major air pollution problem, which can have a seriously negative effect on your skin. To counteract the harm done by toxins in the air, bring along a product from our new Mineral Radiance line, which helps counteract the air-borne toxins that wreak havoc on your complexion. After you turn in for the day, try applying our Overnight De-stressing Cream before bed, which uses our PolluStop technology to shield your skin from the effects of air pollution.

4. The Mountain Vacation: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the season's most luxe haven for stylish ski bunnies. Despite the rosy glow you get from a day on the slopes (hello, natural blush!), whipping winds and cold temperatures can leave your skin wind-bitten and dry, and the reflection of the sun on the snow leaves you more susceptible to sunburn. Have your fun without making your skin suffer the elements by slathering on a thick layer of our Uplift Day Cream, which will give your skin the lift it needs with broad-spectrum SPF 20 coverage, and deep, skin-soothing moisturization.

5. The Spa Vacation: Reykjavik, Iceland

Thanks to cheap flights on several airlines, Reykjavik, Iceland, and its famous blue lagoon --a mineral-rich geothermal pool, which has numerous health benefits similar to the rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals we use in our products-- has become a must-visit for lovers of natural beauty. Although the luxurious natural water has beauty-boosting powers, the geothermal water can dry out your hair. After you spend your day soaking in the lagoon, continue your natural mineral-rich routine by replenishing your hair with our Mineral Conditioner.

With these tips, you'll get through the winter season without any beauty woes spoiling your precious vacation days. Where will you travel to next? Let us know in the comments below! 

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