Summer Wedding Skincare

September 12, 2017 Team AHAVA

As the maid of honor, or even as a guest, it's your job to make sure the bride's wedding day is her time to shine. During this time, you also need to take care of yourself, too. Why coat your skin with harsh chemicals and artificial products that can dull your skin and make you look sallow? From your engagement photos and bridal shower to the big day itself, you want everyone to look their best. Let that natural beauty show through by treating your skin to earth-derived, nourishing skin products.

Keep It Simple. Keep It Real.

The bride has been waiting for this day to mark the beginning of her shared life with her partner. Stress shouldn't even play into the equation when it comes to looking and feeling her best. Brides and their parties this season are donning a natural, glowing look and you can, too!
Many skin care products on the market contain harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can irritate skin—the last thing you want when all eyes are on the bride and you! Help her have a beautiful, glowing complexion that is fresh and vibrant on her wedding day —it just requires that you choose products that will feed and nourish skin, rather than throw it into turmoil.
Products containing natural, earth and plant-derived ingredients can work wonders on stressed or tired skin. Dead Sea beauty ingredients are especially useful for providing essential nutrients to skin that needs a little extra boost.

Don't Be Afraid to Flaunt It!

Her gorgeous skin, that is. If she wants to wear that strapless gown, encourage her to go for it! Keep everyone's skin soft and non-greasy with a gently fragranced dry oil spray. Apply before you all dress to keep your shoulders and arms wrapped in a smooth, silky layer of moisture. To add an ethereal glow, a product containing real diamond powder will refract the light and impart just the slightest shimmer.

Kick Off Your Shoes and Dance

Once all the serious stuff is over, it's time to PARTY! Don't let dry, rough feet keep you and the girls from putting on those comfy sandals for your reception. A pampering, exfoliating salt scrub the night before, followed up by a luxurious foot cream will keep your tootsies looking dance-floor ready.

Her Honeymoon Awaits

Regardless of her honeymoon destination, it's important that she continues to take great care of her skin. Heading somewhere sunny and tropical? Be sure to pack her a natural, broad-spectrum sunscreen that will provide protection against UV rays. Spending most of her days indoors? It's still important she pay attention to her skin. Air conditioned air is actually incredibly drying—her skin can begin to feel the effects of a dry indoor environment quickly. Give her a gift basket containing a selection of moisturizing products so she can keep that dewy complexion she donned on the big day itself.
Beautiful skin doesn't have to be difficult, nor does it require a ton of chemical-laden products. Earth and plant-derived ingredients are the best way to ensure skin is soft, supple and ready for the big day!
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