The Ultimate Key to Natural Beauty

March 23, 2016 Team AHAVA

We all desire to unlock the key to natural beauty, but often our ability to look and feel fantastic is diminished by the harsh elements and stresses of daily life. While some think the answer is to cover up these flaws, the solution is much easier than you may think. The truth is that real, natural beauty comes from our skin within. This means pampering and protecting our skin to prevent blemishes before they happen, making sure we feel just as great as our skin does!

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Define Natural Beauty

To really understand natural beauty, you first and foremost must love yourself and be happy in your own skin. After all, happy skin means a happier, more confident you! Natural beauty is enigmatic, and it changes from one person to the next. For instance, some women are fair in skin tone, and some women are tan. Skin types also vary from dry skin, to oily and combination skin. These facts highlight the transient nature of our appearance: looks are temporary, but our beauty inside is constant. Natural beauty can therefore be defined as a power or self-confidence that exudes naturally. We all possess it. We just need to nurture it and help it to grow.

Go Natural with Essential Elements

To achieve a natural aura that gives you radiance, use essential elements, such as water, mud, salts, and plants. These are ingredients from the earth that are proven to reveal your natural glow. Essential elements, especially from the Dead Sea are often used to make skin care products that soften and moisturize deep into the many layers of your skin. Once applied in proprietary amounts, these mineral-rich, organic ingredients allow you to go natural and avoid artificial makeup that clogs your pores. Your skin will feel pampered, refreshed, clean and dewy.

dead sea salt minerals

Glow from Elemental Beauty

The essence of elemental beauty comes from each person’s own personal appeal. Whether they are a free-spirit, a book worm, or a go-getter, every woman can benefit from the power of essential ingredients to feel good about herself. Feeling good is not just looking good, it’s knowing what you should do to stay balanced and at peace with yourself and your skin. There are many ways to stand out of the crowd, and it all starts with a confident attitude. You will feel so flawless you won’t even need to look in the mirror!


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