Diamonds: How These Precious Minerals Can Reveal a New You

April 28, 2016 Team AHAVA

Diamonds as Valuable Skincare Minerals

You wear them in jewelry that adorns your hands and neck. You admire them for their stunning brilliance and value.

When you receive one as a gift, you know you mean something special to someone. Diamonds truly carry a wealth of meaning as well as refinement. But have you ever considered using them as skincare?


Cutting-Edge Skin Research

As wild as it may seem, the latest research indicates that this precious, natural mineral stone contains  age-managing properties. Mineral skincare is well-known, as Dead Sea mud and minerals have long been treasured for their healing and anti-aging effects. The unique properties in diamonds (the most perfect, crystalline minerals found in nature) make them the missing link in the world of skincare, as they can be utilized to deliver remarkable skin benefits.

Diamonds are quickly becoming a woman's most valuable asset -- not just as an eye-catching accessory, but as a vehicle to improve the complexion and maintain a healthy glow. They improve cell metabolism, which enhances the skin's renewal process, help visibly blur wrinkles, and boosts skin luminosity to reveal a radiant glow.

A Fabulous Stone With Incredible Functionality

Diamonds are certainly valuable due to their rarity and age. A product of intense pressure on a lowly lump of coal, they take billions of years to form deep in the earth. Who would have thought that a rock in the ground could become a dazzling diamond merely from heat and pressure? But as time goes on, these precious minerals are becoming valued not just for their looks, but for how they can advance technology and even help people.

Diamonds are now being used in a variety of functions, from computer technology to industrial uses and more. Their incredible toughness makes them a perfect exfoliant, and they have been used in the skincare realm for years as a form of micro-dermabrasion to exfoliate and renew the skin. Diamonds are also advancing medical technology in astonishing ways. In fact, it is their use in the medical field that has bled over into the world of skincare.

Because diamond particles can be deeply-absorbed by the body, they are used as carriers for antidotes in medicines, and now they can be used as carriers for anti-aging components in skincare products. The nourishing elements in these products latch onto the diamond particles and are able to penetrate the skin in a highly efficient manner, delivering heavy doses of nutrients to the skin and revitalizing it from the inside out.

Diamond Minerals for Skincare

Thanks to the micro-crystal structure of diamond powder particles, and their natural multi-angle diamond shape, they capture and absorb all light, translating every light wave that meets the skin into a broad spectrum light reflection.


Minerals and Your Elemental Self

It's no wonder that diamonds are a great way to get your complexion back to its naturally supple state. They are the hardest of all minerals and also have incomparable luster. When these properties, combined with diamonds' unique carrier abilities, are transferred into skincare, the outcome is a product that can permeate deep below the skin's surface to invigorate and strengthen in a significant manner.

A Match Made By Nature to Treat Yourself to Naturally Beautiful Skin

Fair trade diamond powders are infused into skin products such as Day Cream/Night Creams, and Mud Masks. The mineral-rich  powder allows for excellent light reflection - which can be coupled with the absorption of Dead Sea minerals and other hydrating components, giving your skin a smooth texture and radiant glow.The diamond particles allow for deep absorption of the Dead Sea minerals and other hydrating components, giving your skin a smooth texture and radiant glow, while collagen-boosting elements increase elasticity to help eliminate wrinkles and keep your skin looking fresh.

How Diamonds work to reflect light in your skin

Diamonds have always been a girl's best friend, but they are no longer strictly ornamental. Now, you can use luxurious diamond creams to restore your youthful glory and make your skin the most dazzling accessory you own.

Give your complexion all the benefits of this enduring mineral, from its resilience to its brilliance, and present your skin with the natural renewal it deserves.


AHAVA Diamond Glow Skincare collection


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