Skin Saviors: AHAVA Beauty Favorites

September 17, 2017 Team AHAVA
More than just beauty treatments, AHAVA products offer skin health enhancements. While all products contain the benefits of AHAVA's exclusive blend of Dead Sea minerals, some stand out as favorites for many.

A Few of the Best

Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum

This patented, mineral-concentrated oil-based serum has topped lists of best Dead Sea salt beauty products for its delivery of intense wrinkle reduction, firming and radiance. In clinical tests:

  • 91 percent of women experienced more moisturized skin.
  • 84 percent experienced a healthy glow after two weeks.
  • 95 percent reported a significant reduction in wrinkle depth after a month.
  • 90 percent experienced a significant increase in skin firmness.

Source Mineral Hand Cream

Named one of the top 10 hand creams, this lightly scented hand cream receives rave reviewers: "AHAVA works wonders on the skin! I've been in the Dead Sea and I know how soft it makes your skin ... and AHAVA does the same exact thing! (It even saves you the expensive 12 hour-plane ride!) You'll never understand until you try it!"

Mineral Foot Cream

Recognized as the best foot cream for calluses, this rich, moisturizing lotion relieves irritation and soothes uncomfortable cracks on feet as well as elbows and knees. The lightly scented formula includes soothing aloe vera and moisturizing oils of avocado, sweet almond and jojoba. Tea tree leaf oil fights bacteria and fungus, and salicylic acid replenishes tired skin.

A Few of the Newest

Mineral Radiance Instant Detox Mud Mask

In just two minutes, your skin will be purified and protected. Using Dead Sea mud, the mask detoxifies skin of pollutants and provides a shield against other skin stressors, reduces inflammation and increases collagen.

Extreme Day Cream

Almost 100 percent of women noticed visible improvement after four weeks of using this rich, daily moisturizer. Formulated with nutrients from around the world such as Himalayan raspberry root, Icelandic moss, Dead Sea minerals, Dunaliella algae and Tibetan goji berries, the day cream firms, smooths and soothes skin.

Facial Mud Exfoliator

The Dead Sea mud and polishing granules in this luxury facial scrub exfoliate your skin's surface and clean the pores, stimulating new cell growth and revealing more radiant skin.

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