Feeling Dirty?: Best Ways to Clean Up, Refresh & Smell Aha-mazing

September 17, 2017 Team AHAVA
Sure, the purpose of a shower or bath is to get yourself clean and scrub off the dirt, grease, sweat and grime after a long hard day. Whether you spent a few hours at the gym or just made it through another work day, one of the best things about bath time is luxuriating and pampering yourself with your favorite products, and walking out smelling like a lemon grove or lavender field (or whatever you're into!). With a mix of the right products, you can turn your own bathroom and shower into a fragrant, luxurious spa just by turning on the water and lathering up!

So Fresh and So Clean: Head to Toe Body Care

Your personal care routine is more than a way to get clean every morning; it is an investment in your health, happiness and wellbeing.
First things first: common shower mistakes can doom your hair, face and body to dryness and other problems before you've even stepped out of the bathroom. If the water is too hot and your showers are too long for example, it will wreak havoc on your skin's natural oil production. Spritz yourself with an Ahava Dry Oil Body Mist in your favorite scent to lock in moisture after a shower and to smell amazing!
Another common mistake is using the same shower and moisturizing product for the entire body. Different parts of the body have different needs, so address each area individually to give your body the love it needs.

Shake Up Your Routine as Needed

You may find that your regular routine is working beautifully for weeks or months on end, when suddenly it's not. Your hair and skin may be oilier and dryer than usual, or your pores may suddenly look much larger. Or, you may suffer from the dreaded breakout. A basic three-step, daily skincare routine, which consists of cleansing, gentle exfoliation and moisturizing, are a good baseline routine for most skin types. Seven- and 10-step routines have multiple layers of exfoliation, toning and hydration for the face, eyes and neck and are generally used as a short term spa lift and boost to rejuvenate and improve your skin's appearance and texture.
Discover the AHAVA skincare product that is right for you.

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