4 Tips to Soothe Your Skin After a Sunburn

September 17, 2017 Team AHAVA

4 Tips to Soothe Your Skin After a Sunburn

If you spend any time outside, you're probably no stranger to a painful sunburn. The fact is that anyone, regardless of skin tone, is susceptible to sunburn after exposure. No matter how careful you are, catching too many rays can happen now and then.

What Is Sunburn?

Sunburn is essentially the body's way of dealing with excess exposure to UV rays. It reacts by dilating blood vessels (causing redness), followed by the skin producing melanin (the darker pigment that occurs during tanning) to keep more UV from reaching the cells underneath. The result is damaged skin that may or may not peel.
The risks of sunburn go well beyond the immediate discomfort. Aging signs from repeated exposure add years to your face and body. When the skin's DNA itself is damaged (this happens with repeated sun exposure without adequate UV protection), skin cancer can develop. This is why it's important to always use a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen on both your face and body -- even if you won't be spending any time outside. Some fluorescent bulbs can actually create a low level of UV that will, over time, take its toll on your skin's appearance.

You're Sunburned! What Now?

If you overindulged and are now paying the price, don't despair. Your skin probably feels tight, hot and a little itchy, but with the right pampering, you'll feel good as new! Here are four surefire ways to get your skin back to brilliant in no time!
  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If you've gotten to the point that you've burned, you're probably dehydrated. In order for your skin cells to start regenerating, they're going to need plenty of moisture to support the new growth.   
  2. Apply a rich, hydrating and nourishing moisturizer to your entire face and body. It's important to keep the surface of your skin protected and moisturized while it works to repair the damage.        
  3. Cool the heat with a nutrient-rich toning water. Stick it in the fridge and use to cool your face and neck. You can even place some in a misting bottle and spritz on your face a few times a day to take the edge off the burn.
  4. Don't re-expose your skin to the sun. Once your skin is burned it's already compromised. Even if you apply sunscreen and head back out, you're opening yourself up to further damage. If you must go out, apply sunscreen and then cover your burned areas with light, airy clothing to provide an extra layer of protection for your healing skin.
The occasional sunburn probably isn't anything to get overly concerned about. With proper aftercare, you can help minimize the damage and keep your youthful, soft complexion in top shape!

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