5 Tips for Your Spouse's Skin

July 4, 2017 Team AHAVA

Did you know that men's skin has just as many unique requirements as women's? Your guy may be perfect just the way he is, but that doesn't mean that his skin doesn't benefit from following a good, solid skin routine right along side you. Remind your man just how gorgeous you think he is. Make it a daily activity you can enjoy together -- with today's busy schedules, finding those small moments together can mean everything. You might be surprised -- even the most rugged of men enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of taking good care of their skin and receiving the praise that comes with it.

1. Men Need Sun Protection Too

Even though a man's skin is thicker than a woman's, it is still vulnerable to sun damage. The weathered cowboy may be an American icon, but consider how much damage his skin received to get to that point! Getting your man in the habit of applying a broad spectrum sunscreen to his face and any exposed skin will not only help prevent wrinkles and blotches but can also help keep skin cancer at bay.

2. Not All Shaving Products Are Equal

Chemical-based shaving creams and lotions are not only hard on the environment — they're hard on a guy's skin as well. Many contain astringent ingredients that strip the skin's natural oils and leave it dry and tight. These ingredients can also actually contribute to breakouts and razor burn. A natural, nourishing shaving product can give him a kissably smooth shave well past the five-o-clock hour!


3. On the Topic of Shaving

Many aftershaves are laden with irritating, drying alcohol and artificial fragrances. This defeats the purpose of an aftershave. Instead, remind your man to use a post-shave moisturizer to keep his great shave looking and feeling smooth and irritation-free.

4. A Man Can Have Under-Eye Bags Too

While women tend to be the most affected by under-eye circles and bags, men can experience this phenomenon as well. He may not know what to do about it, but your guy might be feeling a little self-conscious about the signs of those extra hours of work. Let him know you care and want him to look his very best. An under-eye product specially formulated for men's skin can work wonders for nourishing the delicate skin under his eyes while providing an extra boost of moisture.

5. Give Him a Helping Hand

Men don't tend to think about moisturizing their hands until they're cracking or are otherwise incredibly uncomfortable. Make it easy for your man to remember to take care of his hands — keep a tube of men's hand cream next to the bed so he won't forget. Make it part of your joint nightly bedtime ritual and he'll love you for it every morning!

Your man can benefit from the bounty of Dead Sea beauty just as much as you do! AHAVA understands that men's skin has specific needs that can't be addressed by women's products. A specially formulated line will have your man looking and feeling his best in no time!

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