A Sun and Sea Water Summer: Best Practices for Silky, Nourished Hair

September 17, 2017 Team AHAVA

Summer is the time when you can truly let your body and self shine. Whether it is your skin that glistens as you bask on the beach or your hair that flows free as you run along the shore, your body is at its most glorious while you are out enjoying the sun's rays. Many aspects of summer enhance your natural glow, from the sun's rays to the mineral-rich waters of the ocean. However, some elements of summer play, like UV rays and salt water, can stress your skin and hair. This is why it's important to take measures to protect your skin and hair from summer stresses so you can look your best.

Preparing Your Hair for a Summer Day

On a summer day, you want your hair to be as smooth, silky and nourished as possible, since nourished hair will reflect the sunlight and stay smoother longer while you are out sailing or sunning. Nourished hair isn't just something you get in one treatment; it's something you want to maintain over months of hair care. AHAVA's Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner are mineral-rich, therapeutic products that keep your hair in a perpetually healthy, nourished state, especially when used over time.

Restoring Moisture After a Long Summer Day

No matter how well you cleanse and moisturize your hair every day, you may need to treat your hair to some special therapy after a long day at the sea. No matter how wonderful the sea breeze feels, salt and sun can combine to quickly dry hair and stress your hair color, even in the course of one day. So when you return home after a sun-filled sea day, the best thing to do is treat your hair with AHAVA's Deep Nourishing Hair Mask. AHAVA's special combination of oils like Argan, Tea Tree, Jojoba, Rosemary Leaf, and Sea Buckthorn, along with the nourishing properties of OsmoterTM, will quickly restore your hair to silky perfection. Argan Oil provides deep smoothing of the hair shaft, while Tea Tree and Sea Buckthorn oils heal a dry scalp and promote hair growth. Jojoba and Rosemary Leaf Oils also provide moisture while containing beneficial vitamins and minerals that strengthen hair.
Treating yourself to a relaxing day at the sea is an act of self-care, and so is treating yourself before and after with AHAVA, which means love. Now go play!
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