How To: Prep Your Skin for Smooth, Beach-Worthy Softness

February 23, 2017 Team AHAVA

With warm weather right around the corner, the beach is calling your name and you're ready to answer! Well... almost ready. Cellulite plagues most people and can be a serious blow to your confidence. We're here with the low-down on this skin issue, along with the how to solve it so that your complexion is smooth, sleek and ready to show off on your next beach day.

So What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is common in people of all ages and fitness levels. It's that dimpled, uneven skin texture that occurs mainly on thighs and buttocks, but also on arms, breasts and stomach areas. It is caused by fat deposits that press against the skin as fibrous cords that connect the skin to muscles pull downward in the opposite direction. As fat cells are pressing upward and these cords tug against them, the skin takes on a bumpy appearance.

When you see that an issue is caused by fat, the immediate reaction is to lose weight or exercise. While this can help the problem in some cases, cellulite can occur even in people who are very physically active, simply because genetics and hormones play a big part in your body's makeup and fat composition. This means that even if you're eating right and keeping yourself healthy, you may still have cellulite! What is there to do in a situation like this?

How to Clear Up Your Cellulite

Though some people turn to liposuction or other dramatic treatments, AHAVA has been working to create a formula that tightens and reinforces the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite so that you can look your best without undergoing a complicated medical process.

AHAVA's new Mineral Body Shaper Cellulite Control Gel comes with an attached rollerball applicator that massages your skin as the gel saturates to improve elasticity. The gel itself is packed with Dead Sea salt and algae to nourish and reinforce the skin, and grapefruit seed oil to help improve skin tone so those cellulite areas become smoother, slimmer and completely beach-worthy. You can amp up your results even further with AHAVA Firming Body Cream, which harnesses the power of antioxidants and Dead Sea elements to nourish, hydrate and revive the skin for increased tightening and toning.


To get this look, simply roll the Cellulite Control Gel onto your skin in the shower, massaging gently for a couple minutes. This massage effect serves to stimulate the skin and muscles beneath it to even out the texture, as the gel saturates the skin with its powerful reanimating minerals. Once the gel is thoroughly applied, rinse off, pat your skin dry and follow up with AHAVA Firming Body Cream to tighten and hydrate. By following this simple regimen for eight weeks, you can combat your cellulite and improve the appearance of those problem areas with ease. No more worrying about how you look in those curve-hugging leggings or your new swim attire!

Bare Your Skin and Your Poise

Everyone wants to look their best on a daily basis. The cellulite struggle is real and can affect even those who stick to healthy diets and strict exercise routines. This year, don't let cellulite cause you any more stress and insecurity. Start in on AHAVA's eight-week Mineral Body Shaper system in order to leave behind problematic cellulite and embrace a smoother, sleeker, more marvelous you! Good luck and happy beaching! 

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