Love Travel? How to Save Your Skin on the Go

June 29, 2017 Team AHAVA

Whether you're a world traveler or prefer a quick weekend jaunt, you have one constant travel companion — your skin. From rugged desert landscapes to tropical retreats, your skin protects you from whatever comes your way. In turn, it's your job to protect it from the daily stresses it may encounter.

Keeping Your Skin Vibrant While You Travel

Regardless of the environments you may find yourself in when you're out and about, it's essential to take good care of your skin. It protects your body from the daily deluge of toxins, dust, dirt and sun that would wreak havoc otherwise. Consider these Dead Sea beauty tips when you head out for your next adventure.

Moisturize, Inside and Out

Providing a barrier that helps keep the moisture in and the pollutants out will go a long way toward keeping your skin in top shape while you travel. Especially when traveling by plane, your skin is exposed to incredibly dry air. Drink plenty of water. You may not realize that your hydration level is dropping, particularly in climate-controlled environments. This can cause your skin to take on a tired, lined appearance. Use a nourishing facial moisturizer that will give your skin the boost it needs to stay looking and feeling its best.

Be Prepared for Fun in the Sun

Many travel destinations are known for their fantastically sunny days. This is especially true with boat travel. You don't need to hide under a veil of mystery to enjoy the outdoors. Just pack a good broad-spectrum sunscreen — make sure you have one formulated for facial use and one for all-over use. Avoid those made with harsh chemicals and artificial sun-blocking agents — these can cause rashes and irritation, especially in climates you're not used to.

By Land and Looking Great

If you're going to be traveling by train or car, your skin will definitely need an extra boost. Keep that radiance going from morning to night with a convenient dry oil body spray that will fit right in your handbag. It moisturizes without leaving you feeling hot and sticky — definitely not a good combination when covering long distances by road or rail.

Keep It Clean

Traveling can be a grimy business. When you reach your destination, treat yourself to a relaxing, replenishing shower. Dead Sea beauty ingredients can help renew your skin after a long journey. Traveling by plane? You can still take your favorite shower and bath gels with you — just travel-size them!

Your skin should be the least of your worries when you're seeing the world. Dead Sea beauty makes it possible to travel light and take great care of your skin while doing it!

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