Prepping for 4th of July : Keeping Healthy & Hydrated for Perfect Holiday Glow

June 29, 2017 Team AHAVA

This 4th of July, you can shine as bright as the fireworks that mark this festive occasion! How? Stay hydrated, inside and out. If you plan on being outdoors even part of the time this Independence Day, there are a few things you can do to help you look and feel your best while you're enjoying the holiday. By following a simple -- yet highly effective -- summer beauty routine, you can keep your cool as the temperature climbs.

An Inside Look

Healthy skincare starts from the inside. In order to maintain your skin's supple appearance and help avoid fine lines and wrinkles, you need to stay well-hydrated. Water is the first line of defense -- beverages containing sugar or alcohol can actually be dehydrating, so try to steer clear of these as much as possible.
Foods that have a naturally high water content can also help. Watermelon, cucumbers and mangos are just a few fruits and veggies that can help you stay hydrated. You can also use fruit to flavor your water and punch it up a bit -- fruit infusers are readily available in most department store kitchen sections.

Taking Care of the Outside

While you're taking care of the inside of your body, it's also very important that you take care of the outside, too. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, making it the first point of contact with your environment. Properly moisturizing and protecting your skin from the ravages of sun damage can go a long way toward helping you stay hydrated.
Start your routine with a healthy dose of moisture. This can be a stand-alone cream or serum or an all-in-one product containing both a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Certain ingredients can actually draw moisture from the air to your skin, allowing it to take advantage of that extra layer of hydration. Dead Sea Beauty products tend to be naturally high in these ingredients, due to the complex mineral profile and botanical extracts they contain.
Sunscreen from head-to-toe is essential. While off-the-shelf sunscreens can be effective, they also contain a large number of chemicals and other artificial ingredients such as parabens that can clog pores, cause irritation and create more problems than benefits. Look for a sunscreen that contains natural mineral pigments instead of chemical sun blockers.

With a few minutes of attention at the start of your day this holiday, you can have a fun and hydrated 4th of July!

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