4 Fresh Tips To Spring Clean Your Spirit

March 8, 2017 Team AHAVA

As the days get longer and the earth begins to warm again, it's perfectly natural to feel ready to turn over a fresh, new leaf. Spring cleaning is a time-honored ritual, but it isn't just for your house! The spring equinox on March 20 is when day and night are in balance, so it only makes sense to bring some of that harmony to your daily life. Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your diet and exercise routines and add some mindfulness to embrace the new season with some healthy new habits.

1. Green Up Your Diet

Spring is the season of green as new leaves and foliage pop up everywhere. Use this as inspiration to add some healthy green to your diet, too. Leafy greens like spinach, collards, and kale are loaded with iron, calcium and important antioxidants. They're also a great source of fiber and are low in sugar and fat. Just adding one green salad or vegetable to each meal will improve your nutritional intake and give your daily diet a nudge in the right direction. All it takes to get started down the road to healthful eating is one simple change, so give it a try!

2. Work Up a Sweat

If you're in a workout rut, remind yourself this spring that you don't have to hit the same old treadmill at the gym to work up a healthy sweat. Digging in the garden, hiking a mountain trail and chasing after your dog in the park are all perfectly healthy ways to get your exercise in each day. Instead of counting reps, just make sure you work up a sweat doing something for 20 minutes each day, and you'll add some variety to your routine while making sure your heart stays strong and healthy.

3. Clean Up Your Home

Is a long winter's worth of clutter getting the best of you? Throw open the windows and take advantage of the fresh air as you organize and clean your home for the season. As you scrub your way to a fresh new look, be mindful of the chemicals you're using to clean your home -- they can pollute your air and harm your skin. In addition to wearing gloves for protection, try AHAVA's Mineral Radiance Energizing Day Cream to help your skin restore itself after exposure to harmful toxins. Apply it in the morning before you attack the dust bunnies under your bed for a full day's protection.

4. Open Up Your Mind

Sometimes your house isn't the only thing that's cluttered. If you're feeling anxious and stressed about your life to the point that your thoughts are constantly turning negative, it's time to spring clean your brain, too. Clear out negative thoughts with some mindfulness training. If you've never had luck with meditation, try following the soothing voice on an app like Headspace, which talks you through your sessions. Even simpler, get a notebook and start a gratitude journal, which will have you focusing on all the good things in your life instead of the bad -- it's a great way to make yourself pay attention to the little things.

Spring is the perfect time to step back and clean up your habits. As you get back to basics and improve your home and body, you'll be able to embrace the new season with renewed energy -- and that's one of the best gifts of all.

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