Stress and Your Skin: How Positive Stress Can Enhance Your Natural Beauty

May 26, 2016 Team AHAVA

Skincare Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

As a woman, you're well acquainted with stress. There are countless pressures in your life that take their toll on your mind and body. So when you hear the term "positive stress," you're probably thinking, "Isn't that an oxymoron? How can stress be a positive thing?"

Read on to discover this less talked-about kind of stress, and how it can actually help you and your skin.

Positive Stress Elemntal Beauty

Eustress and You

Interestingly, your body actually thrives on stress. The old adage "grow or die" reveals this truth: when your body encounters and then overcomes significant stress, it empowers and strengthens you, providing mental, physical and emotional growth. Conversely, the quickest path to stagnation is by avoiding challenges or despairing when faced with them.

This is where the term "positive stress," otherwise known as "eustress," comes in. Some challenges, can actually become motivating, and when overcome, are powerful examples of your own capability and resilience.

Just as weight-training and other forms of exercise can cause your muscles stress and even pain, the more milestones you achieve, the stronger your body becomes and the more you can handle next time.

The same is true of overcoming mental or emotional stressors such as starting a new job, getting married, having a baby or even buying a home. These events are significant changes that can cause anxiety, but when conquered, leave you ready to face the next challenge with courage and determination.

Yoga Postitive Stress Energized

Eustress Put to the Test

So what exactly does positive stress have to do with your complexion? It has been demonstrated that distress can cause skin troubles. So can eustress impact your natural beauty for the better?

That's precisely the question our researchers set out to explore. Using Dead Sea minerals to induce stress on Pichia Pastoris yeast, they sought to answer whether the skin specifically can benefit from positive stress.

Dead Sea mud and water contain high levels of salinity and minerals, which make the Dead Sea an uninhabitable environment for fish and plant life. However, this heavy concentration of minerals makes Dead Sea mud extremely beneficial for the skin, especially when the principle of positive stress is applied.

Our researchers created a "Positive Stress" technology which activates the survival mechanism of the Pichia yeast,  creating fermentation in response to the mud. It essentially activated its "survival instincts" to adapt and fortify itself against the stressor.

dead sea laboratory ahava technology

The result of this natural reaction is a mixture of proteins, enzymes and other beneficial elements that the yeast develops to survive the stress of the Dead Sea Mud. The outcome of the fermentation benefits your skin, through both boosted protection and elasticity.l. The Dead Sea Metabiotics compound contains elastin and collagen which improve skin's elasticity.


Dead Sea Metabiotics benefit skin

The skin-boosting benefits of fermentation.


The principle of positive stress has been harnessed in this new technology and can now be utilized to directly benefit your skin, providing never-before-seen tightening and firming that results in a smoother, younger complexion.

Learnings from the Lab: ‘Positive Stress’ in Skincare Explained by AHAVA’s Dr. Miriam Oron

Dr Miriam Ahava Laboratory

Q: Can you explain Positive Stress Technology, and how you used it to formulate the Beauty Before Age skincare range?

A: This is a line based on metabiotics. Metabiotics is a method of growing yeast and then exposing it to stress. When you stop the experiments and you extract them, you get a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals that are left from the stress of the yeast. This is something that comes from a patented company. We have a way of metabiotics that is custom- made for AHAVA, and it involves mud. So you take the mud and it creates a positive stress- creating a stress. This is kind of what the mud does.

When you collect the extract, you have many factors that are very beneficial for the skin. We tested these metabiotics in salt, different concentrations of mud, combinations of dead sea mud and salt, and then we took the one that left the best results on skin. This is how we created the BBA line. We saw major benefits as far as wrinkle reduction and elasticity.

The Practical Benefits of Positive Stress Technology

Dead Sea Metabiotics technology has been utilized in our "Beauty Before Age" natural skincare products to put this innovation to work. The Dead Sea Ferment compound created by the yeast/Dead Sea mud reaction can be found in cream form, giving your complexion direct exposure to the effects of this positive stress. The collagen creates new-found elasticity in the skin, reducing wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging as it renews the skin. This powerful effect would not be possible without stress.

As you can see, positive stress is a concept that has widespread applications. When stress occurs in your daily life and is met with resolve and confidence, it creates a stronger, more resilient you. You'll be able to overcome even the toughest situations with tenacity and poise as you face difficulties head-on. When you tackle positive stress, you'll find yourself less prone to distress and anxiety, the more you are able to stay calm and progress despite adversity. The same is true of your skin. When it is met with exposure to stress, it can either react poorly in a breakout, or positively as when it is affected by Dead Sea compounds that cause renewal and strength.

Every part of your life, from your skin to your spirit, is affected by stress. Unlock your elemental beauty by overcoming small stressors in a healthy fashion. This will give you the assurance that you can take on tougher challenges until you find yourself facing each day fearlessly.

How do you harness the power of positive stress in your life?


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