Summer Goals: 5 Ways to Prepare Skin for Sunny Days

July 4, 2017 Team AHAVA

Summer's here, which means it's time to emerge from your winter woolens. It also means that your skin is going to need some extra attention to get it tank top and beach ready!

1. Reveal the Real You

Winter has a tendency to make you forget about that hidden rosy complexion. Your face needs more than just a good cleanser to look and feel its best. Your body needs this attention, too. Dead Sea beauty depends greatly on nutrient-rich mud masks to purify and lift away old, dead skin cells that can dull and age your complexion across your face and body. You won't believe how dewy and fresh your skin will look when it's nourished and pampered!

2. Knock Away the Rough Edges

Do your feet and elbows come out of winter feeling like sandpaper? There is nothing like a good pedicure to get rid of those rough soles, but what do you do to keep them soft and smooth? Develop a weekly routine using a good body scrub to keep your feet poolside prepared. Dead Sea minerals lend themselves well to this — they not only provide an excellent exfoliation, they also feed your skin to give it a soft and supple appearance. Use a rich foot cream nightly before bed to help maintain those terrific tootsies!

3. Give Your Body a Break

After shedding layers of heavy clothing, your body is in need of some TLC. Clogged pores and dry skin are common during the winter — your skin isn't able to breathe or naturally shed dead cells, making it more likely that pores will become clogged with skin and oils. Dry, irritated skin is also a possibility. Combat these by using a pH-balanced shower gel and then following up with a light moisturizer. Shower scrubs can help slough away those layers of tired skin, allowing your skin to show its true radiance.

4. Shady Business

If you're a sun worshipper, you may be tempted to throw yourself down on the nearest towel and bake for while. As inviting as this sounds, it's an invitation for a ruby-red skin disaster. Because your skin hasn't had a chance to develop natural melanins this season, it is more vulnerable than ever to sunburn and overexposure. Use a natural, broad-spectrum sunscreen that will provide you with the protection you need to enjoy your time in the sun. And don't forget — always reapply as needed to keep the protection going!

5. Love Your Locks

Your skin isn't the only thing that needs your attention going into summer. If you enjoy the outdoors, your tresses will be exposed to greater amounts of heat and sunlight, meaning they could use some serious Dead Sea beauty hydration. Hair masks are the perfect way to get that deep-down moisture conditioners just can't deliver. Your hair is your crowning glory, so don't be afraid to treat yourself like true royalty and give it the attention it needs and deserves.

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