6 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Summer Glow All Winter Long

November 29, 2016 Team AHAVA

As autumn comes to a close and cold weather rushes in, it's all too easy to forget about those long summer nights and sun-kissed skin. However, just because you'll be trading in your bathing suit for a winter coat doesn't mean that you have to say goodbye to your summer skin as well. Here are five quick tips for keeping that glow all winter long.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

During the year's cooler months, you may forget about hydrating your body since you don't sweat as much when walking outside. Although your body temperature stays cool, it's crucial to drink plenty of liquids because cold air doesn't contain much moisture. The air has a tendency to dry out your skin even more during winter months and can cause red, dry, and flaky skin unless you take matters into your own hands. Even if you aren't thirsty for water, you can incorporate liquids into your diet. Eating soup is a great option during winter. Not only will soup fill you up and keep you warm, it also hydrates at the same time!

You can go for other warm liquids such as hot chocolate and cider as well, but try to avoid consuming too much sugar which can disrupt your body's pH level! Healthy and hydrated skin starts on the inside, so make sure that you are replenishing your body with water multiple times throughout the day. 

2. Be Conscious About What You Eat

While most people know that eating a balanced diet is important for overall health, consuming certain foods can target specific health concerns. Just as there are foods that promote heart health and lower cholesterol, there are those that are good for your skin too. Foods that are high in antioxidants contain vitamins and minerals that have been found to promote skin cell growth and protect skin from harmful free radicals. Green Tea, for example, helps sooth inflammation, while blueberries are great for repairing damaged skin and fighting off acne. 

Foods that are rich in vitamin E, such as almonds, spinach, avocado, and broccoli are great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and age spots. Carrots, grapefruit, and tomatoes, which are high in vitamin's A and C, naturally boost collagen and help to retain your skin's moisture and firmness. Try incorporating some of these ingredients into your daily diet and you may see a positive change in the way your skin looks and feels! 

3. Exfoliate

One of the best things you can do to maintain a natural glow is exfoliating your skin. Dead skin cells that have been shed but remain on the surface of your skin can lead to a dull and rough appearance. Additionally, neglecting to clear these cells away can lead to clogged pores and oily skin. Try AHAVA's purifying mud mask twice a week to absorb any excess oils and remove dead skin. You will notice a huge difference in your facial complexion. 

For an all-over glow, you can incorporate body scrubs, such as AHAVA's Softening Butter Salt Scrub while in the bath or shower. Be mindful of the duration and especially the temperature of your water since hot water can have a very drying effect on your skin. Check out the video below for more tips on how to effectively exfoliate your body!

Mineral Moments: How To Effectively Exfoliate

4. Moisturize

Another important step to achieving a glamorous glow is to moisturize. Apply AHAVA's Mineral Body Lotion after your shower in the morning and keep a hand lotion with you to use throughout the day. If you suffer from sensitive or extra dry skin in the winter, try wearing special moisturizing gloves or socks at night after you moisturize. The barrier will help protect your skin and maintain the moisture as you sleep. 

Pro Tip: To really maximize your glow, spritz on AHAVA's Dry Oil Body Mist. It creates a natural looking sheen on your skin without that sticky feeling, and it comes in a variety of invigorating scents too! 

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

One of the quickest ways to care for your cold weather skin is to get eight hours of sleep at night. Your body needs this time to rest and reset for the next day. Although hectic holiday schedules don't allow for a lot of extra time, make sure that you plan ahead to give yourself enough opportunity to get a full night's rest. Not only is sleep important for your health, but you will look refreshed as well.

6. Protect Yourself Outside

Make sure you wear a hat, gloves, and scarf when going out into the harsh cold weather. Also, just because you aren't lying out at the beach does not mean that you don't need to protect your skin from the sun. UV rays still harm your skin on cold, cloudy days. Look for lotions and chapsticks with SPF protection -- and wear chapstick! Your lips need extra hydration too. 

Don't let winter the winter months give your skin the blues. You may have to work a little but harder to maintain your hydrated, healthy skin, but the results are well worth it! Not only will these tips help protect your skin throughout the winter, they will prime your skin for the months to come. When summer rolls around again your skin will glow like no other. Good luck! 

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