Spring Blossom: 5 Tips for Emerging Your Mind and Body from Winter Hibernation

February 23, 2017 Team AHAVA

The long winter months can take a physical, emotional and spiritual toll on the mind and body, whether you live in a cold, snowy climate or a dry, desert landscape. The time and energy involved in everything from winterizing our homes, wardrobes, exercise routines and general lifestyle habits can leave us feeling blocked and listless, especially by the time the snow finally thaws or the seasons start to shift. Physical and emotional self-care, from starting a meditation practice to clearing closets or switching up a stagnant skin care routine, can help set the stage for a healthy and happy spring. Here are five tips to help catapult you into the new season!

1. Experiment with Essential Oils

You don't need a degree in chemistry or possess advanced knowledge in aromatherapy to experiment with and reap the benefits of essential oils. Did you know that the simple act of inhaling essential oils can be positively reinvigorating and energizing for your health? As you inhale, the calming scents trigger the hypothalamus and set off a cascade of positive body processes that help boost mood, productivity, and emotions. As a bonus, many essential oils also have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which can help keep away pesky winter ailments and bugs. Stop by your favorite natural health food store to sample different scents, and pay attention to images, memories or positive feelings that may be triggered by each.

2. Start a Meditation Practice - No Chanting Necessary

The ancient art of meditation is enjoying something of a golden moment in popular culture, and for good reason. Studies have found that a regular meditation practice can create positive changes in the brain, help manage anxiety and depression, and help improve focus and concentration, among other health benefits. Like yoga, exercise and other forms of therapy, meditation come in numerous forms; a little experimentation can be a fun and challenging way to find the method that works best for you.

3. Shake Up Your Current Self-Care Routine

Beauty and skincare routines usually need updating to keep us feeling refreshed and vibrant. The long winter months of heavy moisturizing and conditioning can often leave skin looking and feeling lackluster or dull. AHAVA offers a range of natural Dead Sea Beauty products designed to exfoliate and replenish your tired winter skin. A simple exfoliation treatment can reveal fresher, healthier skin that absorbs your favorite products more effectively and results in better hydration.

If you normally shower in the mornings before work, try switching it up and taking a leisurely shower before bed to wash away stresses. This activity could even lead to more peaceful and relaxed sleep.

4. Start an Early Summer Reading List

If a winter escape to Bali or Tahiti is just not in the cards, an engrossing beach read could help transport you (mentally) to another world instead. There's no need to wait until your toes are in the sand to dive into a good beach read; treating your mind to a little escapism in the middle of winter can help push the clock forward before the season actually arrives.

5. Dive into that Side Gig or Hobby

The slower rhythms and quieter pace of winter can be the perfect time to pick up a new hobby, or even invest in that dream side business you don't have time for during hectic warmer months. Conducting research, practicing new skills, working on a business plan, studying a new language, or learning to cook or play the guitar will feel more rewarding than catching up on the last three seasons of your favorite Netflix show (not that there's anything wrong with that)! 

Take a moment to reflect on what you need most to foster positive energy within yourself- and then do it! It only takes one small action to completely change your day and your mindset for the better. With these tips, your mind and body will feel renewed, re-energized and re-awakened from hibernation. 

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