Why You Should Care About Your Skin's Energy Level

January 25, 2017 Team AHAVA

What happens to your skin if it loses energy?

City life is hard on skin. Pollutants, irritants, UV rays, smoke, and toxins all permeate the atmosphere and coat your skin with unhealthy particles, working their way under the surface. Even if you don't live in a big city, pollution from urban areas can still drift over and mix with your local environment.

These factors can make your skin look older, deepen your lines and wrinkles, and make your skin feel stiff. Even worse, if you're a smoker, you risk "smoker's face," the premature aging and discoloration that occurs as cigarette smoke toxins repeatedly seep into your skin.

Unfortunately, just washing your face won't prevent this. Without the rejuvenating power of energy, your skin cells lose the ability to renew themselves. As a result, your skin may begin to look dull, tired and prematurely aged.

How "Skin Energy" Helps Fight Aging

Just as your body has an active metabolism, so does your skin. A healthy metabolism gives you the energy to help your body renew itself. It's the same way with your skin: it needs to produce energy to protect itself against pollutants that can age it. Skin can do this naturally, but in a world where pollution is increasing, your skin needs nourishment in the form of air, moisture and natural minerals.

AHAVA's New Mineral Radiance Line Boosts Skin Energy

The Mineral Radiance Line acts as a protective shield for your skin. It's a combination of ancient natural Dead Sea minerals and modern science that strengthens your skin's energy and ability to fight pollution.

Mineral Radiance is available in four products that provide all you need to energize and protect your skin.

1. Cleansing Gel

This gentle gel, with no oils or sulfates, purifies skin and neutralizes external irritants. The result? Glowing, calm, fresh skin. Powered by OsmoGuard™, it protects your skin from urban pollution. Jojoba oil and Signaline S™ energize skin while cleansing, leaving nothing behind, just sparkling, fresh radiance.

2. Instant Detox Mud Mask

In just two minutes, this mineral-rich Dead Sea Mud treatment reinforces skin against urban pollution. It deeply hydrates, purifies and calms your skin to soften lines and protect freshness and radiance. Contains Venuceane™ to enhance your skin's natural detoxification, and OsmoGuard ™ to protect against pollution.

3. Energizing Day Cream UVA/UVB/IR SPF15

This energizing cream restores your skin's daily radiance, infusing it with energy. AHAVA's patented Osmoter™ and SignalineS ™ enhances your skin cell energy, boosts radiance and calms your skin. Powered by OsmoGuard™, it guards against pollution, broad spectrum ultraviolet and infrared light.

4. Overnight De-Stressing Cream

Awaken to a luminous glow! This soothing cream infuses your skin with a boost of hydration and nutrition. OsmoGuard™ helps repair damage and relax skin from daily stress and pollution. Venuceane™, a potent protective ingredient, works while you sleep to give your skin the rest and calm it needs.

What Makes Mineral Radiance Work?

OsmoGuard™ is AHAVA's exclusive and patented ingredient. It's a combination of Osmoter™ and Pollustop™, an "urban shield" between the environment and your skin, protecting it from pollution.

Signaline S™ is a botanical extract from jojoba wax that is blended with olive oil extracts and has been proven to boost energy in skin cells and promote regeneration.

Venuceane™ is a potent detoxifier similar to the skin's natural defenses against sun damage.

Defend Your Skin Now!

Don't let pollution do a minute's more damage to your skin. Start protecting it with AHAVA's Mineral Radiance Line -- your skin's first line of defense.

For more information, please visit ahava.com or join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using #Mineral Radiance #AHAVALove.

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